- The Washington Times - Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sen. Mike Enzi, Wyoming Republican, is leading the charge to overturn a ban on the use of iPads and Kindles on the Senate floor.

“I started this effort in the last century, and I’ll continue into the next if that’s what it takes to adapt this Senate rule to the times,” Mr. Enzi said in a statement, Roll Call reported.

Mr. Enzi and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island Democrat, have introduced a resolution in an attempt to ease restrictions on the use of such handheld devices in the chamber. It says allowable use should include “delivering floor remarks from text displayed on personal digital assistant devices and tablet computers.”

“We don’t want to change the decorum of the Senate,” Mr. Enzi said. “Our resolution guards against distractions, interruptions and inconveniences. We simply want senators to be able to utilize on the floor the same tools most of us use wherever we are to help us do things better.”



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