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President Obama promised that we could keep our health care plans and our doctors, but he knew that was a lie. He pretended Obamacare was the endgame. That was also false.

Mr. Obama’s objective has always been to entrench the doomed law into our lives so that it would lead to a government takeover of the whole health care system. This maniacal plan is working.

In advance of the March 31 deadline for individuals to enroll, the White House touted this week that 5 million people had signed up for Obamacare.

That sounds somewhat impressive until Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, was unable to answer reporters’ questions about how many of those people had actually paid premiums.

We also don’t know which of these enrollees are among the millions who were insured last year but were dropped from their plans that didn’t measure up the new mandates. Nor do we know how many of those who signed up are the young, healthy people needed to keep the system afloat.

Anyway, Mr. Obama and his cohort in Congress are secretly dancing a jig because the convoluted program was intended to fail. They believe that Uncle Sam makes better health care decisions than Dr. Smith.

“From the very beginning, they wanted a single-payer system of health care,” Sen. Marco Rubio told me on the “Shooting Straight with Emily Miller” radio show. “They obviously didn’t think they could get that far, so they went with Obamacare.”

The Florida Republican said the current trajectory will lead to insurance companies in the exchanges making up their losses from this year with much higher premiums next year, which is when the left will pounce.

“What they want to do is go to the public and say, ‘Look, these exchanges prove these insurance companies are greedy. Thats why it’s unaffordable. That’s why we need the government to be the single health insurance company for the whole country. Let’s put everyone on Medicare,’” Mr. Rubio explained about Mr. Obama’s strategy.

Mr. Rubio, who was elected in the Tea Party wave in 2010, said that when the government takes over, access and quality of health care will plummet and doctors will leave the profession.

The liberals are finding it harder to hide their real agenda. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi released a statement Monday calling the 5 million enrollees “a milestone in an “effort effort to make health care a right, not a privilege, for every American.”

A right? I just re-read my Constitution in case I missed it the first few hundred times, but no, the Founding Fathers did not put anything in there about a God-given right to health insurance. Not even the right to good health.

Mrs. Pelosi called on Republicans to “abandon their ill-advised assault on the health of the middle class.” So far, no one in the GOP has heeded her advice.

Let’s remember that Mrs. Pelosi confessed in October that all along, she actually “would’ve preferred single payer or public option.” She called the health care law she rammed through Congress on party lines “a compromise.”

Keep in mind, Harry Reid spilled in August that Obamacare is just the first step to “work our way past” private health insurance to a government-run health care system. And Barack Obama said a decade ago that he was a “proponent of a single-payer, universal health care program.”

The president’s greatest skill has always been to get the public to believe what he says and ignore what he does. But Mr. Obama’s legerdemain is no longer tres bien.

A Rasmussen poll this week shows 53 percent of Americans expect the health care system to get worse under Obamacare. Only 30 percent expect it to get better.

“Obamacare is now happening to people, and I think they are taking that out at the ballot box,” said Mr. Rubio. He predicts the Democrats will lose the Senate in this year’s midterm elections, largely due to backlash over health care.

Republicans have to start looking at the future.

“The question for us moving beyond 2014 is what are we going to do when Obamacare collapses?” Mr. Rubio said. “We need a vibrant, public market where individuals can buy the kind of health care coverage they want, from any company in America who will sell it to them.”

We need to push to the right. Instead of an insurance system run by the government in Washington with set fees, let citizens buy plans from any state in the country.

When Mr. Obama signed the health care law four years ago this Sunday, Vice President Joe Biden called it a “big [expletive] deal” on a hot mic.

Well, the veep was right. Obamacare was a Trojan horse to drive the United States into a single payer health care system. It has to be stopped.

Emily Miller is senior editor of opinion for The Washington Times and author of“Emily Gets Her Gun” (Regnery, 2013).

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