- The Washington Times - Thursday, May 1, 2014

All inbound and outbound flights in the Los Angeles area were grounded Wednesday after a technological failure at a regional air traffic control facility.

The Federal Aviation Administration reported that dozens of flights on Wednesday were stalled, while dozens more were diverted, The Associated Press said. But the ripple was felt around the nation.

The L.A. area computer glitch led to halted and delayed service in other ports around the country, CBS reported.

The “ground stop” order included ports at Los Angeles International — the third busiest in the nation — and smaller ports nearby, said an airport spokeswoman, Nancy Castles, in the AP report.

By the numbers: 27 inbound flights to Los Angeles International were canceled, 212 were delayed and 27 diverted, and “tens of thousands” of travelers were impacted, Ms. Castles said, in the AP report.



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