- The Washington Times - Friday, May 16, 2014

Conservative talk show guru Rush Limbaugh said the main reason youthful voters seem to like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is because she is a female.

“Boil it down,” he said during a recent broadcast, The Blaze reported, and look at how the Democratic Party has pushed the mantra that women have been put down by business, by certain politicians — particularly the Republicans — and has thrown the word “sexist” and “racist” with alarming frequency.

So no wonder the younger voters in America see these issues as real problems that need addressing — and that their responsibility is to use their votes to elect those who are perceived as “advancing as a culture” beyond the bias, Mr. Limbaugh explained.

“So you boil it down here, and the only and greatest achievement Hillary Clinton has is her gender — being female,” Mr. Limbaugh said, The Blaze reported. “Now, this is not everybody, obviously. It’s primarily young people.”

He drew his thoughts from a video that was posted on PJ Media that included a questioner asking young people in the audience to name the accomplishments of Mrs. Clinton — and they couldn’t, but yet still expressed enthusiasm with her becoming president.

Mr. Limbaugh, during his radio show, also descried what he said has become the liberal embrace of “identify politics” and called it damaging to the nation.

“If you get Hillary in there, any criticism of her will be sexist,” Mr. Limbaugh said of the pitfalls of making such election choices. And he later said: “If you look at someone and you only see their race, that’s what makes you racist. If you look at somebody and only see their gender, that makes you sexist. And that’s who these liberals are.”



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