- The Washington Times - Monday, May 19, 2014

A Mississippi state senator, Chris McDaniel, hoping for a primary win against Sen. Thad Cochran told a church crowd in Wiggins that America’s Christian base ought to reignite itself and take back the nation from the leftist influences that are driving away the Founding Father principles.

He said, The Hill reported, at the Pentacostal-based Word Alive Revival Center: “Today is the day we begin to fight again. Go back out in your communities and make a difference again. It can’t just stop at the church. Take it out to the streets. That’s when you begin to reclaim your country again.”

Mr. McDaniel is the tea party-supported counter to Mr. Cochran. The primary is just a couple weeks away, and Mr. McDaniel is hoping to swing votes based on a vision of America that hearkens to traditional values, Christian-based messages and Founding Father tenets.

In his half-sermon-half-speech on Sunday, he quoted from a range of patriotic Americans — from John Adams to Patrick Henry to Thomas Jefferson, The Hill reported.

“The reason it matters, the reason your foundation matters is because your rights are from God. They do not come from the state,” he said, The Hill reported. “You were born with those rights. … They cannot be transferred, they can never be taken from you.”

The speech seemed to resonate; The Hill reported those in the crowd shouted “that’s right” several times. The Rev. Mike Dobbs said Mr. McDaniel’s remarks make “my heart beat,” The Hill reported.



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