- The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 6, 2014

President Obama on Tuesday will turn to some of the nation’s top meteorologists to promote action on climate change.

On the same day the White House released a dire “National Climate Assessment” that predicts floods, droughts, superstorms and other near-apocalyptic scenarios, the president will sit down with weathermen from across the nation.

Mr. Obama will record the interviews Tuesday afternoon for what’s been dubbed “Weather from the White House.”

The White House didn’t specifically say climate change would be the focus of the interviews, but it appears that will be the case.

“I’m going to the White House to interview President Obama about the National Climate Assessment report coming out,” NBC meteorologist Al Roker tweeted on Monday.

The White House also said the anchors will be granted special “behind-the-scenes access” to the president and his top advisers throughout the day.



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