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As liberals and Democrats try to explain their midterm losses, the amount of nonsense they’re generating is maybe, maybe, more amusing than the election night meltdowns over at MSNBC. The excuses and explanations coming out of the Democrats range from the bizarre to the deluded. At the national level, there’s an organized effort to make Republican leadership think its job is now to help President Obama to even more.

First, voters in Texas didn’t just say no to Wendy Davis, they screamed it as they ran her out of town with pitchforks and torches. The only thing missing from her massive defeat to Gov.-elect Greg Abbott was the barrel of tar. Yet her campaign is now blaming her loss on … wait for it … Ebola. That’s right.

In a way, however, I have to give them credit. Perhaps Wendy Davis is admitting that a crisis reminds voters they need a serious person in office who knows what he’s doing. Yes, that would preclude Democrats.

The always reliable Salon.com was right out of the gate with a racism screed. The title of their expose on why liberals lost? “It is all still about race: Obama hatred, the South and the truth about GOP wins.” A rant against the party that elected Tim Scott, the first black man from the South since Reconstruction. Got it.

My favorite bit of delirium and denial is courtesy of Katrina vanden Heuvel, the editor and publisher of The Nation. During the continuing group therapy over at MSNBC, Ms. vanden Heuvel, to the excitement of host Chris Hayes, apparently discovered the real reason why Democrats were sent home on a rail. You see, Democrats lost because they distanced themselves from the beloved light-bringing president, Ms. vanden Huelvel declared, “And I think there’s no — I haven’t seen hard evidence, but I do think significant components of the rising American electorate, African-Americans, young people, single women, they may not have liked the dissing of a president.”

Mr. Hayes, thrilled with a new possible explanation for being unceremoniously dumped, almost jumped out of his chair, exclaiming, “I 100 percent agree!” It would have been an even more powerful moment had Mr. Hayes invited comedian Jon Lovitz on the panel to finalize the deal with his famous confirmation of “Yeah, that’s the ticket!” for impossible, silly and weird, but comforting, excuses.

One thing is clear: At least at this point, most liberal commentators, writers and “influencers” are refusing, or unable, to grasp what happened on Tuesday night. This is a bad sign for their party and agenda. We know the Democrats have always been out of touch with reality, but the degree of denial since the election has been stunning.

Watching this meltdown is also instructive for Americans in general, who must ask the question: How did we let such a disconnected and dumb bunch of people gain so much power? We are romantics, but the midterms remind us if you scratch the surface of any smug, arrogant liberal, you’ll find a clueless, malevolent and incompetent harpy.

Not only are liberals making bizarre excuses about why they lost, but there’s another, more organized meme being promoted by the media and the Democrat machine itself. It goes something like this: The American people so massively rejected President Obama and the liberal agenda, and handed the reins over to Republicans, because … here it comes … they want Republicans to help Mr. Obama get more stuff done.

Ron Fournier is the senior political columnist and editorial director at National Journal. Not beyond promoting the occasional liberal meme (as when he pushed the idea that Bowe Bergdahl’s teammates were somehow part of a GOP whisper campaign against Mr. Obama’s Taliban swap deal), he didn’t miss a beat, earnestly parroting what mainstream media have been telling themselves, and you, about “what the election means.”

“The electorate was clear. Stop fighting and get something done,” Mr. Fournier said on Fox News’ “Special Report” panel. “The president, as the constitutional head of the country, deserves and got most blame, but they want both parties to work together and address these problems … .”

Welcome to the preferred liberal explanation: The American people didn’t fire Democrats because 70 percent of the American people don’t like the direction of the country. No, Democrats were fired because they want Mr. Obama and government to do even more. They want more than 92 million people out of the labor force. They want more people on food stamps. They want more people with part-time jobs. They want more people with health insurance but with no health care, doctor or hospital. They want more deals with Iran. They want more chaos in the world and here at home. More, more and more.

This Democratic panic highlights the truth of the matter: There is only one message for Republican leadership from Tuesday’s remarkable revolution: Stop Mr. Obama. Stop his agenda. Reverse the damage. The election was the equivalent of sending firefighters to a massive blaze.

You don’t ask first responders to work with the people who caused the fire or contemplate a new building design or to chat over a beer about how we can all get along. Their first and only job is to put out the fire, and keep it from sparking back to life. Then, and only then, do we rebuild, making sure the monster that caused this disaster, Mr. Obama’s massive, malevolent and unaccountable administrative state, is eliminated from the plan.

Tammy Bruce is a radio talk-show host, author and Fox News contributor.

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