- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Syrian woman who was accused of committing adultery was captured on video pleading with her father to forgive her — and he finally did, but then joined with Islamic State terrorists to stone her to death, a video revealed.

The Middle East Media Research Institute translated the audio on the tape, The Blaze reported. It opened with a hard-line Islamist saying that the captive woman was going to be the first to be stoned in the area.

“We hope that this will serve as a lesson for other women,” he said, on the video. “You should be satisfied with the ruling decreed by Allah and submit to Allah.”

He then turns to the woman’s father and asks if he wants to say anything to her. The man refused, The Blaze reported. Following, a long back-and-forth between the woman and father proceeds, in which she asks for forgiveness and he denies giving it. In between, the Islamic State terrorist interjects that the father “can still forgive her” and that she’s going to die and “be delivered to Allah,” so he ought to forgive her, The Blaze reported.

“The Lord is more merciful than us all,” the Islamic State member said, in the video. “Allah wiling, you will be rewarded for forgiving her. She is going to die. Please forgive her.”

The father finally said, “Fine, I forgive you,” to his daughter, but he still refused her request to hold her hand.

He then ties his daughter to a rope and brings her to a pit, while Islamic State members surround her and throw stones and bricks, The Blaze reported. The father, too, joins in the stoning, the video shows.

MEMRI said the video was posted this week, but could not verify when it was actually filmed.

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