- The Washington Times - Friday, October 3, 2014

Health experts say more should be done to single out travelers who may be infected with Ebola, after Liberian authorities said the first U.S. patient with the virus lied to them about his exposure before boarding a series of planes to Texas.

The Globe and Mail reported that Thomas Eric Duncan, who is in serious condition at a Dallas hospital, had shown a normal body temperature during screening, so he would not have been identified as infected with the deadly virus during an examination.

However, reports suggest Mr. Duncan may have lied about whether he came into contact with infected persons at his residence in Liberia.

Health experts say that leaves a gap in the screening process, particularly if West African authorities are not well-trained or equipped.

“The fever-screening instruments run low and aren’t that accurate,” said infection control specialist Sean Kaufman, president of Behavioral-Based Improvement Solutions, told the Globe. “And people can take ibuprofen to reduce their fever enough to pass screening, and why wouldn’t they? If it will get them on a plane so they can come to the United States and get effective treatment after they’re exposed to Ebola, wouldn’t you do that to save your life?”



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