- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 9, 2014

An Australian nurse who just returned home from helping Ebola patients in Sierra Leone has now developed what health officers label as a “low-grade fever,” and she’s being tested for the virus.

Jeanette Young, Queensland state chief health officer, said the unnamed nurse is 57 and test results are expected on Friday, Voice of America reported.

“She came back into the country. She was perfectly well at that time,” Ms. Young said, VOA reported. “She did not have any symptoms. She did not have a fever. So it’s only since this morning that she’s had a low-grade fever. She has not been out in the community in Cairns. She has been at home, isolated in her own home, testing herself.”

Ms. Young said that even if the nurse did test positive for Ebola, there’s no cause for widespread alarm about an outbreak, VOA reported.



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