- The Washington Times - Monday, September 22, 2014

Thousands of students swarmed through streets of Hong Kong on Monday, boycotting school classes to challenge and demand the Chinese Communist Party open the doors to greater democracy.

The students, who hailed from 20 different colleges, donned yellow ribbons and rallied into a single group on Chinese University grounds, Euronews reported. There, they waved banners that read: “The boycott must happen. Disobey and grasp your destiny.”

Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule in 1997, though it was granted a high degree of autonomy. Still, Beijing authorities last month turned down Hong Kong’s request to choose its next city leader — and now activists are clamoring for a change of heart.

“We demand the government responds to our call to endorse civil nominations,” said Alex Chow, the leader of the Hong Kong Federation of Students, Euronews reported. He also called on Hong Kong to “reject fake elections,” he said.

The students — some of whom wore shirts that said, “democracy now,” and “united we stand” — plan on boycotting class all week, Euronews reported.



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