- The Washington Times - Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A 28-year-old Connecticut man who was riding his bike from Maryland to Miami to propose to his girlfriend was fatally stabbed Monday night by a homeless man outside a Vero Beach McDonald’s.

Kevin Adorno was on his cell phone with his girlfriend when he was attacked by Rene Herrera Cruz, 59, outside the restaurant, according to the Vero Beach Police Department.

Adorno’s girlfriend told police the only thing she heard was the phone dropping and eventually police sirens, Fox News reported.

Witnesses said Adorno stumbled into the restaurant and collapsed near the bathrooms. One person started administering aid while another called 911. He was pronounced dead a short time later.

Adorno had been stabbed several times in the chest and arm.

Police arrested Cruz at a Burger King across the street and charged him with first-degree murder. Police said he ditched the bloody 12-inch blade in a nearby bush.

Cruz told officers he thought Adorno was taking photos of him with his phone and telling people to attack him.

“Cruz admitted to stabbing Adorno. He stated that he thought Adorno was directing other people via cell phone to attack him and Cruz therefore felt threatened and attacked Adorno,” police said in a statement, a local ABC affiliate reported.

Police Chief David Currey said Adorno’s cross-country trip was on his bucket list.

“He got on the phone with his girlfriend, who we understand he was going to propose to be married. He was talking to her, and Mr. Cruz approached him in the parking lot and killed him,” Chief Currey said.

Adorno graduated from Farmington High School and was the owner of Bevy Promotions and Media in Farmington.

“He was very good, very athletic, very well-spoken–good mannered,” said Tyler Lamarre, a neighbor and fellow Farmington High grad, a local Fox affiliate reported. “I helped him out with a few things here and there and I just can’t believe that would ever happen to him. I really can’t.”



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