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Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina said this week that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton “clearly doesn’t understand technology very well” and that Mrs. Clinton compromised her emails by setting up a private system and server while serving as the nation’s top diplomat.

“Clearly, she had a plan to shield her communications from prying eyes. There’s no other reason that you would put a server in your basement for the kind of classified, sensitive information that she would be sharing and transmitting as secretary of state,” Ms. Fiorina told radio host Hugh Hewitt on his show.

Mrs. Clinton, the frontrunner for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, said she set up the private system out of convenience, and her office said classified material was neither sent nor received on the address.

But Ms. Fiorina, who is weighing a presidential bid of her own, wasn’t buying that, either.

“My second reaction was that she clearly doesn’t understand technology very well, because when she starts talking about it’s safe, it’s safe, we have two Secret Service agents guarding it, you know, as I think I’ve said to you before, no one’s worried about it getting stolen,” she said. “They’re worried about it getting hacked. And when we have Sony, J.P. Morgan/Chase, Home Depot, Target, all of these companies being systemically hacked, they certainly can get into Mrs. Clinton’s private email server.”

The White House on Tuesday would not confirm a CNN report saying Russian hackers were behind a cyberattack on the White House and State Department, but Ms. Fiorina said such a threat is there.

“There is no doubt, there is no doubt that nations like Russia, China, North Korea, have been engaged in a long-standing plan to attack various systems and databases in this country, beginning with, but not ending with, the federal government,” she said. “There’s no doubt it’s been going on, which is why you see even in this White House, alarm now about cyberwarfare. So of course, her emails were compromised.”

Ms. Fiorina also said the GOP needs a nominee who will continue to press Mrs. Clinton on the issue.

“I think at her core, she does not believe this is a legitimate inquiry. She is troubled that people wouldn’t just trust her, although there’s no reason to trust her, particularly given how she handled Benghazi to the nation,” she said. “And honestly, I will say unless we have a nominee who is willing to bring this up in a general election over and over and over, the public will forget it, just like we all thought Benghazi was going to be a huge scandal in 2012. It wasn’t, and it wasn’t because we didn’t fight on that ground. We have to fight on this ground, because this, like Benghazi, goes to the very heart of her candor, which is about her trustworthiness, her character and her capability. And those three things are core to leadership.”

The House Select Committee investigating the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attack in Benghazi has requested that Mrs. Clinton give a transcribed interview outlining her decision-making on the emails she turned over to the government from the private address and why she wiped the server clean.

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