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Supporters of the Islamic State are calling for NASA to rename Pluto “The Moon of Mohammed,” claiming new photos of the dwarf planet show Arabic messages written on its surface.

In a post seen by more than 5,000 people on the “Encyclopedia of Terror” a site commonly used by the extremists to post propaganda,  a supporter of the terror group said NASA’s latest image of the “heart” on the surface of Pluto was actually part of an Arabic message written in the style of the iconic “I heart New York t-shirts,” The Mirror reported

The unnamed writer said two Arabic could be seen emblazoned on the planet’s icy surface on either side of the heart.

“When we look carefully at this photo of Pluto, we will notice an Arabic sentence which means Allah Loves Mohammed,” the writer claimed.

“Since the heart is so big, that means ‘so much love’ or ‘God loves Mohammed so much,’” the user added, according to The Mirror.

The author of the post claimed that the markings were “made by God almighty on the surface of Pluto,” and highlighted the “message” in an image included in the post.

The author also claimed to have seen the Arabic word for Mohammed in close-up images of the surface of Pluton and one of its moons, Charon, released last month.

Even the pixilated image of Hydra, another one of Pluto’s moons, is the same shape as the Arabic word for Mohammed, the author claimed, questioning why NASA didn’t release a more detailed photo. 

“I would suggest to NASA to change the name of this moon to: The Moon of Mohammad.” 

The author of the post appears to be the same person behind a series of fan fiction posts, imaging American celebrities converting to Islam, including pop stars Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. 

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