- The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A new video out of Iran depicts an imagined scenario of a military alliance between the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guard Forces, Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists laying siege to Israel

The video, uncovered by Jewish news site the Algemeiner Tuesday, was released two weeks after the Iran nuclear deal was announced.

The video shows fighters preparing for battle, donning traditional gear of the three Islamist militant forces, before descending on the Holy City.

“One dons the IRGC [Revolutionary Guards] insignia on his left arm, another the emblem of the Uran-backed Iraqi Shia Badr Organization. Yet a third dons a headband bearing the Lebanese Hezbollah logo, and a fourth is seen glad in Hamas’ characteristic balaclava and the Qassam Brigades green headband,” the Algemeiner reported.

The animated video was reportedly produced by the Islamic Revolution Design House. 

After donning their battle fatigues, the fighters are then shown approaching Jerusalem, overlooking the city from a hilltop. 

The clip ends with a message in Persian script that reads “Israel must be obliterated,” or literally, “erased from the annals of history … and the youth with definitely see that day when it comes,” the Algemeiner reported. 

The video comes amid growing tensions between Israel and Iran following the signing of the nuclear deal last month. 

On Tuesday, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei encouraged Israel’s enemies on Twitter saying: “We support the resistance in Palestine and the region and take all possible means to support anyone who fights Israel, is against the Zionist regime and supports resistance.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly pointed to Iran’s continued sponsorship of international terrorist groups including Hezbollah and to its dedication to destroying Israel as two reasons he believes the deal is dangerous for Israel.



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