- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 17, 2015

The friend and former neighbor of the San Bernardino shooters who purchased two guns terrorists used in the Dec. 2 massacre, was arrested Thursday and will face federal criminal charges, authorities said. 

The charges brought against Enrique Marquez, are the first criminal charges filed in the widening investigation into the third terror attack in the U.S. this year, the Los Angeles Times reported. 

The 24-year-old Riverside resident once lived next door to Syed Farook and purchased two semiautomatic rifles he and his wife Tashfeen Malik used in the attack that killed 14 people.

Mr. Marquez told officials that he bought the guns three years ago as a favor to Farook so that he would not have to go through a background check or be on record as the buyer, NBC reported.

He and Farook had discussed conducting some kind of attack in 2010 but called off their plans after they were spooked by several unrelated terrorism arrests in southern California, officials said.

FBI Director James Comey on Wednesday said investigators have found no connection between Farook and the people arrested in 2010.

He also said that investigators have found not social media posting connecting Farook’s wife and fellow gunman, Tashfeen Malik, to terror groups before she came to the U.S. on a fiancee visa.

Several media reports suggested that Malik had publicly posted about her support for Islamic terror groups and that the State Department and Homeland Security officials had overlooked her postings while conducting her background check before allowing her into the country.

Mr. Comey said all of Malik’s statements in support of jihad were made in private messages or emails.



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