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A disturbing new video released by members of the Islamic State on Tuesday shows a young Kazakh boy executing two men described as Russian agents.

In the video, the two men, identified as Jambulat Mamayev and Sergey Ashimov testify that they had attempted to spy on the militants, infiltrate their computer networks and assassinate the group’s leaders, Foreign Policy reported Tuesday.

Then a long-haired boy is shown standing next to an Islamic State soldier, behind the two men clad in gray and kneeling on the ground.

The soldier speaks to the camera, saying “Allah has gifted the Islamic State with these two spies,” The Daily Mail reported. “By Allah’s grace, they are now in the hands of the lion cubs of the Khilafah.”

Then the boy steps forward and kills the two men, shooting them in the back of their heads with a handgun.

After killing the two men, the young boy holds his hand up triumphantly before stepping over the corpses and walking off screen.

But some believe that the execution may be staged due to a lack of visible injuries on the men and evidence of blood after the shootings, the Daily Mail reported.

The same child shown in Tuesday’s video was featured in a November 2014 Islamic State propaganda video.

The video showed the group’s latest adult recruits from Kazakhstan, and the boy, who identified himself as “Abdullah.” The November video also showcased the religious and military training that children recruited by the Islamic State undergo.

According to the video, children begin their eduction by learning Arabic and studying the Koran before moving on to learn hand-to-hand combat and weapons training, Foreign Policy reported.

In the video, when asked how he sees himself in the future, Abdullah says, “I will be the one who slaughters you, O kuffar [non-believer]. I will be a mujahid, insha’allah,” Foreign Policy reported.

The Kazakh government has not yet responded to the new video, but officials did remove the old video from November.

Kazakhstan’s National Security Committee estimates that 300 Kazakh citizens have traveled to Syria to join the Islamic State, and at least half of those are thought to be women and children.

The Islamic State has successfully recruited young children to fight by offering them free schooling, teaching the children their extremist ideologies.

Non-state armed groups in Syria have used children as young as 15 to fight in battles, and children as young as 14 in military support roles, according to a June 2014 Human Right Watch report.

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