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TrackingPoint Inc., the Texas company that specializes in creating precision guided firearms, has unveiled its “Mile Maker” Linux-powered rifle, which can hit targets at roughly 1,800 yards away.

The company brought its AR-15 PGF (Precision Guided Firearm) to 2015’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and filled in the technology website Ars Technica on the prototype weapon’s capabilities.

TrackingPoint’s “Mile Maker” uses a custom-milled steel barrel and fires a TrackingPoint round named “338TP,” which is similar to a .338 Lapua Magnum, the website reported Wednesday.

The finished product will be available sometime in 2015 and will set buyers back at least $40,000. TrackingPoint still expects sales to be strong, Ars Tecnica reported.

TrackingPoint Inc. made headlines in April when it coupled its PGF with Google Glass technology to create a firearm that could shoot around corners and from behind low walls.

“Being able to shoot around corners and over hills is a little mind-blowing when you actually do it. Things keep on rolling,” TrackingPoint’s Oren Schauble told Vice’s Motherboard technology blog.

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“Combined with the tracking point precision guided firearm, wearable technology allows for accurate shots around corners, from supported positions, behind-the-back, to the side and over barricades,” the company said in a YouTube video for the product. “TrackingPoint Shotview App streams video from the heads up display in the person-guided firearms networks tracking scope to WiFi devices. This enables direct device streaming for phones, tablets and many wearables. For additional networking, phones can connect via bluetooth and the Internet to share the apps data with additional devices.”

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