- The Washington Times - Saturday, July 11, 2015

Embattled GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump held a press conference in Los Angeles on Friday night featuring family members of individuals who were killed by illegal immigrants. 

Mr. Trump met with the families in private earlier in the day before holding the presser, Mediaite reported Friday. 

Mr. Tump began his press conference by again defending his controversial comments on immigration, saying they were accurate and that Mexico was sending less than its best into the United States. 

He added that he had been speaking candidly about immigration issues for months before announcing his candidacy and said the media was being “dishonest” in its coverage of him, Mediaite reported. 

Mr. Trump then turned the stage over to the family members he had brought along with him. 

One man, Dan Rosenberg, told the story of his 25-year-old son Drew, who was killed while biking home from law school one night when an illegal immigrant ran over him with his car. 

“Every year, just driving, they kill about 3,000 people, which of course, never makes it in the press anywhere. Most newspapers now don’t even give the license or immigration status when they kill somebody,” Mr. Rosenberg said, Mediaite reported. 

Mr. Rosenberg added that for people that are hit by a car in Los Angeles, there is a 20 percent chance that they were hit by an illegal immigrant. 

“This is a huge problem all over and as Mr. Trump said, nobody wants to hear from us,” Mr. Rosenberg said, Mediaite reported. 

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