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She will forever be the “Cherry Pie” girl from the Warrant music video and CD cover of the same name, the ultimate 1980s rock ‘n’ roll video vixen, a stunning fantasy girl who haunted the dreams of men of a certain age.

But she goes by Bobbie Jean Brown. And these days the still-stunning blonde thrives as a best-selling author, reality TV star and eternal beauty.

Miss Brown discusses her rock ‘n’ roll lovers, why she is OK with being called a “video vixen” but not OK with being called a “groupie,” her best-selling book “Dirty Rocker Boys” and the secret to life.

Question: Is it true that you were a reluctant beauty queen?

Answer: Yes. I was not brought up on the pageant circuit at all. The only one I ever entered, I won. Being around all of the usual “contestants” was a little awkward and fake for my liking.

Q: How did you end up as the girl in the Warrant “Cherry Pie” video?

A: [Warrant lead singer] Jani [Lane] saw me on “Star Search.” He called his people to call my people and ask me to audition for the video. I flaked, didn’t show up. They called again. I showed up, walked in, and they said I had the job. The audition was for one — just me.

Q: Are you OK being called a “video vixen?”

A: Sure. It’s how I became a household name and relevant to this day. So how can I be mad?

Q: What do you say to people who confuse you with a band groupie?

A: I get that all the time. I actually hate being called a groupie. I was married to a rock star [and] engaged to another. I never was backstage or in a studio hoping someone would notice me. I was never begging for attention.

I never followed bands or went to rock shows. I never pursued them. My situation was far from “band groupie.” And I tell them that.

Q: Who were some of your famous rocker lovers?

A: This is where a lot of people get carried away. I had a lot of friends who were musicians and many aiming for that “lover” title. But there were a handful. That’s it. Jani Lane, Tommy Lee, Matthew Nelson, Jay Gordon. That’s it as far as lovers. These were all relationships that lasted for years, not hookups.

Q: Who was the best lover?

A: I honestly feel like whomever I am with at the time is the best. I don’t look back and reminisce about sex with anyone as “the best.”

Q: Did you ever have a desire to make music yourself?

A: I did. I actually had a record deal at one point with Jive Records, but I got pregnant and gave it all up for a family.

Q: Sadly, we lost Jani Lane, the father of your daughter Taylar, a couple of years back. When was the last time you spoke to him?

A: I spoke to him the last month he was alive. He asked to move in with me. He laughed when I told him he could not because I had a boyfriend I was living with, and he thought that was hilarious.

Q: How did your tell-all book, “Dirty Rocker Boys,” do?

A: It’s still doing! It’s still selling! It has done very well, thank you.

Q: Are you writing a follow-up book?

A: I am! The working title: “Sexts, Drugs, and a Video Vixen: Life in Your 40s and How to Age Disgracefully.” There are a lot of funny stories in there. And some great advice!

Q: Of all the video vixens, you remain beautiful. What is your secret?

A: Well, thank you! It’s not easy. [It’s partly] good genetics, because I have not taken care of myself over the years. I really believe it’s about feeling young inside, acting silly, allowing the child inside to live. Beauty is from the inside, not just physical. A person can be aesthetically attractive and then open their mouth and become instantly ugly.

Q: Is your reality TV show “Ex-Wives of Rock” still filming?

A: I’m sad to say it’s over. The network got reformatted, and we weren’t invited back. We’re really bummed because it’s a great show. All seasons are available on YouTube.

Q: Would you be open to do more reality TV?

A: I would absolutely love to. I thoroughly love doing reality TV.

Q: What else are you working on?

A: I’m actually pitching a few show ideas of my own. [One is] a scripted series based on my book. I’d like to do a movie of the week based on the book. And a funny reality TV show.

I have a blog online called 3BlondeBombs.com and my online store: BobbieJeanBrown.net. Plus I’m doing some charity work and personal appearances. I’m down to do everything. I’m not going away anytime soon. That’s how I like it.

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