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Black people have always been a forgiving people. Given our history, one would have to be able to forgive, in order to have made the strides we’ve made as a culture over the 200+ years America has existed.

Hollywood has profited greatly from movies that depict blacks being demeaned, unappreciated, and yet overcoming. Stories like “Remember the Titans” and the multitude of other “We Shall Overcome” tales depict the ability of black people to turn the other cheek; or better yet, just go be better.

So no sense revisiting slavery and lack of civil rights at the hands of Democrats, as that’s water under the bridge, right? It certainly should be, given all that blacks have achieved in this great nation.

Nevertheless America is constantly bombarded with calls of racism. In fact, we are reminded more of racism today, than when black people were actually going through it.

Black people of old times forgave their oppressors, because they realized that was the only way to heal. My grandmother would say, “I give it up to God, because He knows what to do with it.”

Sure, blacks of the day were angry; but they learned to look deeper into that anger. Blacks converted emotion into determination. They then passed that determination down to their children, who did the same.

However today, that emotion has resurfaced as anger, a very harmful emotion that masks the real emotion. What many Americans felt was becoming very much a thing of the past is back front and center. Black are angry again. Part of the reason for that anger is blacks have forgotten how to “give it up to God.”

Luckily for America, in the recent church shooting in South Carolina by Dylann Roof, the people there were able to “give it up to God.”

In the wake of the Roof shooting, there were many in America who expected Charleston to burn. It had happened in Ferguson, then again in Baltimore. This shooting could easily have been the “third time’s the charm,” as it were, or the straw that broke the camel’s back. But it wasn’t.

We know there are those whose very existence is to make sure that conflagrations like Ferguson and Baltimore occur. They are paid agitators, who travel at the behest of people with sinister motives. These people use all the tools at their disposal to get black people to get angry, react, overreact.

These agitators converge en masse, shouting “No justice. No peace!” They create narratives like, “Hands up, don’t shoot,” or “#BlackLivesMatter,” as if no other lives matter. You won’t see signs that read, “Give it up to God!”, however.

This is why what happened in Charleston rocked Liberals to their core. The people of Charleston, South Carolina, came together as a people. The shooting tragedy wasn’t about color. Family members of the Charleston community were killed, and it was time to “give it up to God.”

The community of Charleston, South Carolina, said to the agitators, “Don’t bother coming.” They said this to DeRay McKesson, who had tweeted that he was on his way.

The community of Charleston, South Carolina, said to Al Sharpton, your services are not needed here.

The black people in Charleston, South Carolina, the Deep South proved that despite the racist history, they have overcome. They gave it up to God, and God did what God does. He healed that city.

Kevin Jackson writes his almost daily blog, and is a syndicated writer for TakiMag.com. He contributes to Breitbart’s Big Government, as well as Human Events and American Thinker. His work has been been featured in Townhall magazine, and about all other national print media.

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