- The Washington Times - Monday, June 1, 2015


Sen. John McCain, the GOP’s top hawk in the Senate, was none too pleased with Sen. Rand Paul’s efforts to kill the National Security Agency’s phone “metadata” collection program.

The two went head to head during the Sunday debate, which ended in a stalemate, effectively suspending the program, at least for now.

When Mr. McCain and Sen. Dan Coats were talking from the Senate floor, Paul tried to interrupt to ask a question. But Mr. Coats would not yield to Mr. Paul, but seconds later yielded to Mt. McCain.

“The senator from Kentucky needs to learn the rules of the Senate,” Mr. McCain said about Mr. Paul, one of a dozen Republicans running for president. “Maybe the senator from Kentucky should know the rules of the Senate.”

Mr. McCain and Mr. Paul sparred again when the Kentucky senator said there were still five minutes left of debate and he wanted to claim the time. 

“Obviously, people don’t know the rules of the Senate,” Mr. McCain said. Maybe they should learn all of them.” 



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