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While Jeb Bush has mishandled some media questions — saying he “misheard” a query about whether he would have invaded Iraq knowing there were no WMD’s — he ridiculed Hillary Clinton for dodging the media.

“You can’t script your way to the presidency,” Mr. Bush said at a campaign stop in Reno, Nev.

“I was watching Fox last night,” Mr. Bush said. “Somebody had actually counted up the times that Hillary Clinton had been asked a question. I think she’s been asked six times by the press. In public settings, I don’t know that she’s been asked any questions.”

Then the still-unannounced candidate took questions from town folk, the kind Hillary has been avoiding since she jumped into the race April 12. He said she should embrace the notion of taking  unexpected questions from all kinds of different people, adding that he really enjoys the prectice,

“I’ve been asked hundreds of questions both from the press and from people,” he said with a smile.”Everybody else does speak to the press and have town hall meetings where they aren’t scripted. That’s part of the process. You can’t script your way to the presidency — put yourself in a protective bubble and never interact with people, only talk to people who totally agree with you. It’s not going to work.”

When one person at a town hall asked a lengthy question, Bush quipped: “You wouldn’t have been able to get it into a Hillary Clinton event.” 

Hillary has gone some 23 days without taking a question from the press — so long the Washington Post has posted a clock to keep track.

Even when she does appear, she often stacks her audience of “ordinary Americans” with Democratic supporters and campaign donors loyal to her. 

At this rate, she’ll be completely unprepared for the coming debates.

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