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SPERRY, Iowa (AP) - Step outside, find the nearest patch of lawn and look around for a four-leaf clover.

Good luck. The chance of finding one is 1 in 10,000, according to statistics from Penn State University reported at the data analysis website Minitab.com. Looking for a five-leaf clover? The odds jump to 1 in 1 million, The Hawk Eye (https://bit.ly/1GsjLqp ) reported.

Renee Baker of Sperry recently had luck to spare.

Standing on the deck of the home she shares with her husband, Rick, and their four dogs, she spied what looked like a four-leaf clover in the adjacent lawn. She wasn’t looking for it, but there it was.

And her luck wasn’t over. Renee had found six more four-leaf clovers, one with five leaves and another with six.

“The story goes like this…,” she said.

It all started with the gift of a piece of glass art in the shape of a four-leaf clover accompanied by the words of an old Irish blessing. Baker said the piece was purchased from Law’s Jewelry in Burlington, and she had it for several years.

But there was someone who needed it more - Matt Clover, a friend from nearby Mediapolis who is battling cancer. Baker said she hoped to find a similar piece, but after her efforts came up short, she opted to give him hers instead and replace it with a real, four-leaf clover of her own.

Her first find, the smallest of them all, was that clover.

Rick Baker had been talking on the phone with his cousin, Kent Baker, who lives in California working on movie sets and was feeling uneasy about an upcoming on-location shoot in the Middle East. Renee Baker offered to send him her new clover for luck, but he declined and said she should keep it.

So she set out into the yard to find him one of his own. Her eye settled on one and then another and another. Finding a five-leave clover followed.

Each of them might as well have been jumping up and down or holding signs, as obvious as they were. If only the morels had been so accommodating.

“I didn’t find any mushrooms this year,” Baker said, “but I did find four-, five- and six-leaf clovers.”

“There’s probably more of them,” Rick Baker added, surveying the lush green of their front lawn, “but how are you going to tell?”

Lucky as she was in her finds, the streak didn’t extend to the Powerball ticket the Bakers purchased. Or to their chance in the Community Basket drawing at Community Field in Burlington.

Nor did any rub off on Rick Baker, who didn’t find even one clover with more than the usual three leaves.

But that’s OK, said the couple, who have worked together 30 years at the Wal-Mart Warehouse in Mount Pleasant.

“The luck,” Rick Baker said, speaking of his cousin and their friend, “is to keep these two people safe.”


Information from: The Hawk Eye, https://www.thehawkeye.com

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