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Clark Duke is best known for playing a geek in hit films such as “Kick-Ass” and “Hot Tub Time Machine” and on TV shows like “The Office.” And he’s OK with that. In just a few short years, the regular-joe-looking actor has built an impressive resume.

To celebrate the release of “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” on DVD and Blu-ray, Mr. Duke discussed the dangers of sequels, his geekiest possession, getting Chevy Chase to RSVP and which historical figure he would most like to see wet.

Question: When you were making the original “Hot Tub Time Machine,” did you have any idea it would be a hit?

Answer: No. You never really have any idea whether something you are making is going to be a hit or not. [laughs] You always hope.

Q: Any hesitation in doing a sequel since John Cusack wasn’t starring?

A: Maybe initially, but not after sitting down and talking with everybody. It was still fun to work with Rob [Corddry] and Craig [Robinson]. We’re all friends in real life. And [new cast member] Adam [Scott] too, for that matter. Before the movie, I actually pitched Adam to come in for the movie. It was just like hanging out with your buddies. It wasn’t too hard of a sell for me.

Q: If you could travel anywhere in time, where would you go and why?

A: I wouldn’t go anywhere. I would be too afraid to screw something up. It never turns out well. Any time-travel story you see, it is always a bad idea.

Q: What historical figure would you most like to share a hot tub with?

A: I think Marilyn Monroe.

Q: Which historical figure would you never want to be in a hot tub with?

A: Genghis Khan. Too intense in general.

Q: You’ve been in two sequels, “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” and “Kick-Ass 2?” Which one is better, and which one was more fun to make?

A: They’re so wildly different, I wouldn’t like to compare one against the other. “Hot Tub 2” was more fun to make because we did it in New Orleans over the summer. And I can’t think of a better place to spend the summer than in New Orleans.

Q: You play a lot of geeks. Do you consider yourself a geek?

A: I don’t, but it is a pretty popular thing to be in pop culture right now. So it’s fine if people think I am.

Q: What is the geekiest thing you own?

A: I have thousands and thousands of comic books that I have collected my whole life. So probably those.

Q: Any dream roles or co-stars you would like to work with?

A: There are a ton of people. I guess to pick one co-star, it would be Will Ferrell. I think that would be pretty great. I have been very lucky to work with a lot of great people on my list, like John Cusack, Eddie Murphy, Jim Carey and Chevy Chase, who is my comedy hero.

Q: When you work with someone like Chevy Chase, whom you saw as an idol, do you get nervous?

A: I was initially very nervous. The first day I met him, I told him, “I just want to tell you, you are my boyhood hero. I wanted to say that so I don’t throw up in front of you or anything.” After that, you spend time together. I never get totally used to being around Chevy. I invite Chevy to my birthday every time, and he never comes. It just makes me laugh.

Q: Does he acknowledge that he got the invite?

A: Usually. That’s something.

Q: You joined “The Office” for season nine, the final season. Were you disappointed the show came to an end? Or was it time?

A: I was just such a big fan of the show and had a good time working on the show. I was sort of under the impression that it might continue with me and Jake Lacey and a couple of new people, kind of “ER” style. They were also going to do a “Dwight” show, but it didn’t go. From a selfish perspective, I kind of wish it kept going, because I liked it so much. The format of the show, the mocumentary and the tone of the show were so my personal style and tone. But I also think nine years is a good run. They kind of told their story, and you never want something you love to outstay its welcome.

Q: What do you have coming up?

A: Right now, I’m working on “Croods 2,” the sequel to the animated feature. I’m big on sequels apparently. And [there’s] something that I’m writing.

“Hot Tub Time Machine 2” is now available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download.

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