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Carly Fiorina has a way of shocking people with the truth. This is because it is sorely lacking in the political forum. Hence the reason why Carly, who is not a part of the political class, is rising in the polls. Carly not only speaks the truth fearlessly, she does not falter. She has the chops of our founding fathers — the determination of George Washington, the vision of John Adams, the business sense of Alexander Hamilton and the passion of Patrick Henry.

There is no better example of such strength than Carly’s speech on the CNN debate stage September 16 about what’s taking place at Planned Parenthood. She shocked the country with her clear, concise and passionate revelations about abortion in the United States. Carly was not afraid to talk about the tape that shows a 19-week, “fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking.” She further stated the horrendous reality, “while someone says, “‘We have to keep it alive to harvest its brain.’” She upped the ante by daring Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to watch it. An even greater example of Carly’s integrity was her bold willingness to state that, “Our nation’s character is at stake.”

The country was shocked and the left apoplectic when suddenly 23 million people were alerted about the tapes exposing Planned Parenthood’s procedures — tapes they had been desperately trying to downplay. Exposure always leads to the need for cover. The next day, the liberal press accosted Carly’s credibility with headlines such as: “No Video,” by The Washington Post. “Nonexistent,” by MSNBC. “Bogus,” by Talking Points Memo. Frantic were the attempts to wipe the server clean.

Carly’s integrity is not be underestimated, however, because of course, the tapes do exist and the live aborted baby can be viewed in the clip, “The Character of the Nation,” on Carly for America’s You Tube channel. And by listening carefully to the liberal talking points and deciphering the double- speak, it can be revealed that Planned Parenthood has never denied they have kept babies alive to harvest their organs.

The character of our nation truly is as stake. We are only one of seven nations in the world that allow elective late term abortions: United States (no national legal limit), North Korea (unlimited), China (unlimited), Vietnam, the Netherlands (up to 24 weeks), Singapore (unlimited), and Canada (unlimited). In the United States, some states have restricted abortions to 20 weeks but seven states have no legal limits at all — any time abortions: Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont, and D.C. These states allow full term abortions. If a baby is kicking on the table at 19 weeks, imagine a baby from thence to full term. As Carly said, “If we can’t get a bill passed to defund Planned Parenthood, shame on us.”

Note to combat the liberal Planned Parenthood agenda: Planned Parenthood can be funded privately and they are. They receive eight hundred million dollars a year. If liberals want to keep Planned Parenthood alive then they can fund it with their own money. Taxpayers’ money should not be used to promote and provide such practices.

Tuesday, Senate Democrats blocked the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, from moving forward in the Senate by a 54-42 vote; a bill banning late term abortions, protecting the mother and preventing the pain induced on a viable baby. Shame on them.

Political correctness and political corruptness has led to an atrophy of the American conscience. What was once a vibrant and valiant national spirit is now pale and pathetic. It is going to take a special kind of leader to awaken America’s slumbering society.

Carly is just that kind of principled leader. She is already blazing the trail. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Janine Turner is an actress, author, and founder and co-chair of Constituting America.

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