- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders have both gone out of their way to capture the Hispanic and immigrant vote this primary season, making outlandish promises and both vowing for comprehensive immigration reform — no matter the opposition.

But as they vie for the votes of the 3 million immigrants residing in New York, their rhetoric is becoming even more extreme.

In a March debate, both promised not to deport illegal children and adults without criminal records, and criticized President Obama for doing so. It’s as radical a position as Donald Trump’s call to deport all illegals residing in the country with the help of a deportation force.

This week, the Sanders campaign turned its attention to Mrs. Clinton’s past statements she wouldn’t give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. Mrs. Clinton, for her part, in a February town hall said her stance has changed on the issue. Drivers licenses for all undocumented!

In a counter-punch, Mrs. Clinton has made several references on the campaign trail this week about Mr. Sanders’ vote against comprehensive immigration reform in 2007, even though he supported a separate reform in 2013. To be clear: They both support comprehensive immigration reform — that is, amnesty for all.

The pandering for immigrant votes reached new heights Wednesday, as Mrs. Clinton called for the creation of the first-ever national office dedicated to immigrants and refugees.

It would be a federal body that wouldn’t need to coordinate with Congress, and it could make immigration policy without the use of executive orders — but that policy would still be coming from the executive branch.

The Office of Immigration Affairs would “would build on the work of the Obama administration’s task force, and create a dedicated place in the White House to coordinate immigration policies across the federal government and with state and local government as well,” according to a Huffington Post report.

Mr. Obama created an immigration task force in 2014, which looked at how to best coordinate local, state and national efforts to help immigrants. Some of the aid included help applying for citizenship so they could “enjoy all of the rights, benefits, and responsibilities that come with being a full American citizen,” according to the task force’s White House webpage.

Drivers licenses, citizenship, benefits — you can have it all if you come to America illegally. And vote Democratic.

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