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UND title adds to our reputation

The University of North Dakota hockey team has brought home the 2016 national title.

UND defeated Quinnipiac University, 5-1, to claim its eighth title, the first since 2000.

It’s no small feat to claim a national championship in any sport and it brings prestige to the state. Add UND’s title to North Dakota State University’s fifth straight football championship in January, and the state has carved out a remarkable reputation in athletics.

North Dakotans have plenty of reasons to be proud.


Minot Daily News, Minot, April 20, 2016

A slow tear in the fabric of community

In Minot, a recent spate of burglaries has been the water cooler talk. Drug crimes are a plague of the region. Gun crimes, murder, always enrage a community.

Sometimes, though, it’s crimes that don’t make the big headlines, don’t end up with someone in prison for a long period of time, and whose victims are often hidden in shadow, that make one worry most about the unraveling of the fabric of community.

Domestic abuse crimes come to mind. For every drug crime that passes through the local criminal justice system, there is a case of domestic abuse. Boyfriends strangling girlfriends, wives beating their husbands, a punch here, a beating there, a belt, a thrown object, a baseball bat …

You might have heard about a couple on TV, read a few in the Minot Daily News, maybe listened to the inside story from a neighbor or some gossip at work. But there are far more of these crimes than you probably imagine. They don’t get much attention. Perpetrators don’t usually get tough sentences. Victims not infrequently end up not wanting to press the issue; which itself can bring aspersions from people who don’t understand the frail psychology of the “willing victim.”

Hear about many of them or not, judging from their numbers on police and court records, they are all around you right now. You probably know the victims, the abused, whether you are aware of it or not. Your kids go to school with domestic violence’s silent victims the children who see too much and too often go on to be abusers themselves. These aren’t “new people,” aren’t all addicts and most don’t have lives that much different than your own. Only a fool brushes aside the reality of domestic abuse.

The Minot Daily News has hailed North Dakota’s efforts at a comprehensive look at the criminal justice system with reform hopefully on the horizon. Let’s hope that crimes that don’t draw broad attention today are considered as we try to craft a better system.

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