- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Donald Trump said Tuesday he’s running against a “rigged system,” a day after he predicted that the November election itself could be “rigged” against Republicans.

“We have a movement going — this is beyond anything that anybody’s ever seen,” Mr. Trump said during a campaign event in Ashburn, Virginia. “We got to beat a dishonest machine — totally dishonest machine. As an example, how Hillary got away with what she got away with recently.

“How do you get away with it?” Mr. Trump said, referring to the controversy over Mrs. Clinton’s private email server. “Everybody thought, ‘oh wow, she’s guilty.’

“It’s a crooked system,” he said. “It’s a rigged system. We’re running against a rigged system, and we’re running against a very dishonest media. The media’s very dishonest. Very, very dishonest.”

Mr. Trump had already warned Monday that the November election could be “rigged.”

“I’m telling you, November 8, we better be careful because that election’s going to be rigged, and I hope the Republicans are watching closely or it’s going to be taken away from us,” he said Monday on Fox News.



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