- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 4, 2016

Vice President Joseph R. Biden tweeted a birthday wish to President Obama Thursday, complete with a photo depicting a friendship bracelet or necklace with the names “Joe” and “Barack” as two of its charms.

“Happy 55th, Barack! A brother to me, a best friend forever,” reads the tweet, sent out shortly after 1:30 p.m. EST. An accompanying photo depicts what appears to be a necklace made of intertwined orange and green strings, and featuring “Joe” and “Barack” spelled out in block letters. 

Four other charms are included on the bracelet: a smiley face, a flower, a star and what appears to be a slice of cake.

The bracelet appears to be an inside joke referring to a BuzzFeed video Mr. Obama did earlier this year which humorously showed him attempting to do “5 Things That Are Harder Than Registering To Vote,” including weaving a friendship bracelet.

Reaction to Mr. Biden’s tweet was, as is the case for most things in Washington, mixed.

“PLEASE DON’T GO,” pleaded Kelly Cohen, a conservative-leaning journalist with the Washington Examiner.

“And we wonder why terrorists don’t fear us. Did these get sent to Iran too?” quipped a decidedly less amused Twitter follower.



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