- The Washington Times - Friday, December 16, 2016

If you were to believe the mainstream media, you’d think there was a real chance that the Electoral College will vote against President-elect Donald Trump, denying him the White House.

“In theory, 37 electors could flip against Trump and deny him the 270 electoral votes needed to win,” Politico penned in a headline.

“Harvard Professor says 20 GOP voters may flip against Trump,” The Hill wrote. (Note, 20 is still 17 short of the number needed to push the vote to the House of Representatives).

A celebrity-packed advertisement is urging electors to “vote their conscience” — as if there’s a real chance to deny Mr. Trump the nomination.

Let’s be clear: There isn’t.

The Associated Press attempted to call all 538 electors — they got in contact with more than 330 of them, and only one GOP elector said that they’d flip their vote.

“Whether they like Trump or not, and some surely don’t, scores of the Republicans chosen to cast votes in the state-capital meetings told AP they feel bound by history, duty, party loyalty or the law to rubber-stamp their state’s results and make him president,” the AP reported.

It can probably be assumed that the one elector who said he’d switch his vote is Texan Christopher Suprun, who wrote an editorial published in the New York Times about why he couldn’t vote for Mr. Trump.

That’s one defection. Not nearly the 37 needed.

Just for entertainment’s sake, let’s say there is. Republicans control the House, so the House would vote and Mr. Trump would still win.

It’s irresponsible for the national media to devote such headlines to leftist conspiracy theories — giving progressives yet another reason not to accept November’s results.

In order to heal as a country, accepting the outcome of the election is the first step. It’s too bad, the mainstream media keeps giving the public bogus reasons not to.

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