- The Washington Times - Thursday, February 11, 2016

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb said Thursday that he has ruled out an independent run for the White House, putting aside his presidential ambitions for 2016.

He did however, jab both political parties for becoming too ideological to both the right and left, moving off-center from the typical American.

“I’ve worked with both parties, including as an official in the Reagan administration and as a Democrat in the Senate. Both parties, in my view, have moved away from the major concerns of the average American,” Mr. Webb said in a statement Thursday.

“We looked at the possibility of an independent candidacy,” Mr. Webb said. “Theoretically, it could be done, but it is enormously costly and time-sensitive, and I don’t see the fundraising trajectory where we could make a realistic run.”

Speculation on whether Mr. Webb would be making an independent run for the White House sparked after he dropped out of the Democratic race in October saying he was “not comfortable” with many of the Democratic party’s current positions. Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders, a self-described socialist, has been running to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s left, steering the contest in that direction.

Mr. Sanders, who has called for a “political revolution,” finished in a virtual dead-heat with Mrs. Clinton in Iowa and won by double-digits in New Hampshire.



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