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For 10 seasons English-born actress Alice Amter has masterfully played Raj Koothrappali’s overbearing Indian mother, Mrs. Koothrappali.

You read right: She’s English, not Indian. A fact most fans of the show don’t seem to want to believe when they meet her in person.

Away from “Big Bang Theory,” Miss Amter has appeared in “The Good Girl” with Jennifer Aniston, “A Man Apart” with Vin Diesel and “Bad Boy” with Denis Leary, as well as on shows “ER,” “The Mentalist,” “Rosewood” and dozens more.

Miss Amter discussed her time on “Big Bang Theory” and how some of the fans can get a bit out of hand.

Question: What is the main factor when it comes to picking the roles you play?

Answer: To be honest, I haven’t really had to deal with that. I audition for things. Sometimes I get them. Sometimes I don’t.

Q: Are there any roles you have yet to play that you want to?

A: I’m dying to play a “baddie.” Those are the juiciest roles. I have also yet to play a romantic lead.

Q: What do you remember about your time on “ER”?

A: I loved the show but didn’t understand why they didn’t have any Indian doctors. I called my agent and told him, “Get me an audition for ‘ER.’ I know the show backwards and forwards.” He did, but the casting director thought I was too young at first.

Q: Your first TV role ended up being on “ER” opposite George Clooney for his last two episodes.

A: He was a great guy. Rather talented.

Q: Were there any sparks between you two?

A: Romantically, no. [laughs] He was handsome. But just not my type really.

Q: On “Big Bang Theory” you play an Indian woman. Are people surprised that you are not really Indian?

A: Yes. They can’t believe it. I say all the time, “That’s why they call it acting.”

At the audition for the part, I was the only woman actress who wasn’t Indian. I’m part German, and then, since I never knew my father, I may be from a Mediterranean background. I’ve auditioned as an Indian for [so many] years that perhaps I convinced myself I’m Indian. [laughs] I think the only thing producers cared about was if I was funny or not.

Q: How are the fans of “Big Bang Theory”?

A: They send me all kinds of weird things. The weirdest thing I’ve gotten is a marriage proposal from some guy in some Eastern European country who said, “I love only you. Please marry me.” Without saying anything else.

Then there was this very young — I hate to say kid — who has a bit of a crush. He’s only 21. That’s a little too young. He tells me to wear certain things. I’m like, “Excuse me? No, keep it clean. Keep it clean.” It’s flattering in a way. But not really.

Q: Can you believe “Big Bang Theory” has reached 200 episodes?

A: No. We’re about to have our 200th episode celebration in a couple of weeks. I remember going to the 100th episode celebration and thinking that was a big deal. Now 200? I can’t believe it’s been 200 episodes. I just wish I had been in 200 episodes. [laughs]

Q: Will you be on any more episodes?

A: I can’t tell you that. Most likely. Although I’m not in the writers room, so I don’t know. It would be great if the Koothrappalis came to visit in America. Fans come up all the time and say they love the characters, that we should have our own show.

“The Big Bang Theory“‘s 200th episode airs Feb. 25.

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