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Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders, the self-described democratic socialist, is going to win the 2016 general election if all those who care for America do not wake up and smell the Sanders’ burn. He is absolutely on fire. And the American dream, the American hope, the American economic engine, the American employment rate, the American military, the unparalleled American health care will all go up in flames. The United States of America will simply implode. It is the sacking of Troy. This is a really good time for everyone to run, not walk, to buy a copy of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” and read it — quickly.

Most businesses will leave. Corporations — which actually employ people — will be crippled and unable to hire. Unemployment will skyrocket. Those kids who got their free college education will wander the abandoned streets with a tin can wondering where all of that Bernie Banter got them. During a GOP debate, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie put it best. They tried taxing all the millionaires in New Jersey, and they left New Jersey — taking the jobs with them.

When our stock market and already fledgling economic engine grinds to a regulated halt, we will become even more insolvent and our national debt will swallow us up like the two black holes recently spotted in space devouring each other. There will be no people to tax. Entitlements will be bankrupt. There will be no free anything because there will be no money.

Seeing us weakened, our enemies will attack. Many are currently arming themselves. They who can see the frailties of the American psyche. They who can see what America is becoming before we can. They who can smell the burn. Like coyotes in the wild, the are salivating over the bloated carcass. Russia is on the march and building rogue coalitions with Syria and Iran, which include its recent selling of anti-defense systems to Iran, thanks to President Obama’s “Iranian Deal.” This protects Tehran’s nuclear program, which continues despite the deal.

The Chinese are building up their preparations and coalitions. They have built islands that are now equipped with anti-defense systems and they are aiding and abetting North Korea, which by the way, they are using as their cover, as their bad guy. North Korea is circling our skies just waiting for the cue from China to crash our electrical grids as China plays dumb, “We didn’t do it.”

Just chew on that for a minute. No electricity means no gas for our military jets, no gas for our cars, no power for those hospitalized, no heat, no refrigerators, no telephones, no pharmaceuticals, the list goes on.

Think this is fantasy? Think Mr. Sanders will not win? Take the time to listen to his speeches. Really listen — and watch. The masses are all agog. Waving banners as they want to punish anyone who has achieved anything, as they want to let others do for them what they do not want to do for themselves, as they fall into a trance and accept the biggest lie in all political history — think not what I can do for my country but what my country can do for me.

This is what a Godless school system (any God — a way of letting kids explore all faiths, to realize that there is more purpose to their life than just their own egocentric focus) has gotten us, but that is another issue.

Republicans, conservatives, moderates, independents and libertarians must coalesce. They must band together to defeat Bernie Sanders — no matter who the Republican nominee is. If we refuse to vote because the Republican candidate is not of our choosing or is not aligned with our every passion or whim, then Mr. Sanders will win and the bonfire will explode.

If ever there were a time for Republicans to compromise and become visionaries instead of victims (ironically both parties play the victim), this is the time. If we do not, we will watch the sun set on our Republic. The fire will extinguish, and America will go dark. And it will be our fault.

Janine Turner is an actress, author, and founder and co-chair of Constituting America.

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