- The Washington Times - Friday, February 19, 2016

South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential bid Friday, saying he felt the Texan was the best defender of the Constitution.

Campaigning in Charleston, Mr. Cruz also appeared with “Duck Dynasty” show star Phil Robertson.

“Bibles and guns brought us here,” Mr. Robertson said. “And it will be bibles and guns that keeps us here.”

Mr. Cruz continues to win endorsements of non-establishment figures, countering Sen. Marco Rubio’s growing support of top-level Republicans including South Carolina’s governor and one of its U.S. senators.

Mr. Sanford, who had remained out of the race, said he got involved because he was upset at the attacks on Mr. Cruz, whom both Mr. Rubio and Donald Trump have accused of lying during the South Carolina fight.

“It just struck me that it’s gotten out of bounds,” Mr. Sanford said.



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