- The Washington Times - Sunday, February 21, 2016

Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders claims he won the Latino vote in Saturday’s Nevada caucuses, but the Hillary Clinton campaign is rejecting that idea outright, calling it “complete and utter [expletive].”

In a tweet late Saturday night, Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill brushed aside entrance polls that showed Mr. Sanders winning Nevada’s Latino vote by 8 percentage points.

“I don’t typically like to swear on Twitter, but by all accounts so far this is complete and utter [expletive],” Mr. Merrill said on Twitter.

Mrs. Clinton won the Nevada caucuses Saturday, capturing 53 percent of the vote to Mr. Sanders’ 47 percent.

But the two campaigns still are battling over who won the Latino vote, with the Clinton side arguing that the Nevada entrance polls are unreliable and incomplete. They also point to numerous other surveys that have shown Mrs. Clinton leading Mr. Sanders among non-white voters.

For the Sanders campaign,the entrance polls offer a key silver lining in Saturday’s defeat.

“What we learned today is Hillary Clinton’s firewall with Latino voters is a myth,” Arturo Carmona, deputy political director for Bernie 2016, said in a press release. “The Latino community responded strongly to Bernie Sanders’ message of immigration reform and creating an economy that works for all families. This is critically important as we move ahead to states like Colorado, Arizona, Texas and California.”



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