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Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida is stepping up his attacks on GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump, mocking the billionaire businessman for a string of misspelled tweets Friday morning and saying it was Mr. Trump who was actually the nervous wreck backstage at Thursday’s debate.

“Friends do not let friends vote for con artists,” Mr. Rubio said Friday at a campaign rally in Dallas.

“I mean, this guy bankrupted a casino — how do you bankrupt a casino?” Mr. Rubio said.

“A tough guy? This guy inherited $200 million. He’s never faced any struggle,” Mr. Rubio said, recalling how Mr. Trump said he’d like to punch a protester in the face at a recent campaign event.

“Donald Trump has never punched anyone in the face,” Mr. Rubio said. “Donald Trump was the first guy that begged for secret service protection. First guy. He’s never punched anyone in the face.”

Mr. Rubio then pulled out his phone and proceeded to read some tweets Mr. Trump sent out Friday morning saying good polling on the debate was a great “honer” and that Mr. Rubio was a “leightweight chocker.”

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“Number one, that’s how they spell those words at the Wharton School of Business, where he went, or number two, just like Trump Tower, he must have hired a foreign worker to do his own tweets,” Mr. Rubio said.

The spelling on the tweets was later corrected.

Another tweet said Mr. Rubio looked like a “little boy” on the stage.

“It’s not that I look like a little boy,” Mr. Rubio said. “I wouldn’t even be the youngest president, but he would be the oldest president ever elected, and it’s like an eight-year term, so you start to worry.

“He called me ‘Mr. Meltdown,’” Mr. Rubio said. “Let me tell you something: last night at the debate during one of the breaks, two of the breaks, he went backstage. He was having a meltdown.

“First, he had this little makeup thing applying makeup around his mustache ‘cause he had one of those sweat mustaches,” Mr. Rubio said. “Then he asked for a full-length mirror…maybe to make sure his pants weren’t wet; I don’t know.”

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