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Is not being a jerk an important part of what’s required to be president? Jeb Bush thinks so. While it would be fabulous to have another Ronald Reagan — a wonderful, decent man who was also a powerful leader — not being a jerk isn’t at all a necessary component of the leadership this nation now needs.

Mr. Bush’s new ad released in New Hampshire is titled, “Enough.” It highlights one of Donald Trump’s now famous moments of mocking someone. In this case, a disabled New York Times reporter. Mr. Trump denies that he was making fun of the reporter’s disability, but Mr. Bush uses the clip of Mr. Trump allegedly doing just that.

Mr. Bush pleads in the ad, “I believe life is precious, I think life is truly a gift from God. And we’re all equal under God’s watchful eye. And when anybody, when anybody disparages people with disabilities, it sets me off. That’s why I called him a jerk. What kind of person would you want to have in the presidency that does that?”

What kind of person do we want in the presidency? The first thing on voters’ minds isn’t whether we’d want that person to marry into the family; it’s whether they will reverse the ruinous course set for us by the current inhabitant of the White House and his party of malevolent malcontents.

For Jeb Bush to be arguing that Mr. Trump or even Mr. Cruz are morally inferior is laughable. It does illustrate, however, how disconnected Mr. Bush is from the reality of why we’re kicking the Establishment, and all their affectations, to the curb. We’ve had enough because those who have been in charge of the system for generations have dangerously failed. It’s that simple.

It’s becoming apparent voters would rather have a jerk who can lead us out of this mess than a nice guy who wants to drag us back through the last 15 years insisting that if we only keep showing the world how nice we are maybe they’ll love us.

Those days are over. We tried the Oliver Twist approach and it failed. We are rejecting the liberal tripe insisting America is the problem. Progressives may want to desperately believe that, and they’re welcome to wallow in that pit, but we’re not going to let that misery infect the country any more.

Mr. Trump and even Mr. Cruz may be occasionally grating, but anyone touting Establishment business as usual is the last person who should be lecturing anybody else about morality.

Since President Reagan left office, we have been subjected to the massive immorality of a Washington Cartel whose policies have destroyed the economic future for millions of Americans; insisted on “winning the hearts and minds” of terrorists who have neither; ignoring then passively watching the growth of a global terrorist army, while doing nothing as another madman in Syria massacres 250,000 of his own people.

Crime is rising here at home and these first few weeks of January seem to portend another recession is on its way. And Jeb Bush has the gall to point fingers at others for their supposed immorality?

The Bushes, Bill Clinton, and Barack “No Drama” Obama, have presented a steady, charming front to the American people. They have also overseen the destruction of our economy, the ruination of our international standing, the abandonment of our allies, and a world in chaos.

But hey, they’re collegial. They smile at the right time and make an effort to not sound like, well, a jerk. All while destroying the future for uncountable millions because of their failed policies and self-obsession.

I am one of many who has criticized Mr. Trump for his boorishness. Yet in this election we’re not choosing a boyfriend, husband, brother or best friend. We are electing a man who will order our military to annihilate our enemy and keep this nation safe; someone who understands how to revive our economy.

We are choosing someone who can pick us up, throw us over their shoulder and run us down 10 flights of stairs to save us from the raging fire to which Barack Obama has subjected us.

I don’t know if that person is Donald Trump, but I do know this: Mr. Trump’s and Mr. Cruz’s family and friends are not responsible for the catastrophe we face as a nation. Very nice people, like the Bushes and the Obamas, are.

The posturing of moral superiority from the Establishment is gobsmacking. As they’ve studiously applied their collegial attitude of respect for each other, Western civilization has become paralyzed and rudderless.

When it comes to moral superiority I’ll take an honest jerk who gets things done instead of the pleasant man who so nicely plunges that knife in your back.

Tammy Bruce is a radio talk show host and a Fox News contributor.



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