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Barry Bostwick sure does like playing loathsome types on TV and in films. The veteran of 150 films and shows started his career in the cult classic “Rocky Horror Picture Show” in 1975 and for decades afterward appeared on “Scrubs,” “What I Like About You,” “Spin City” and even “Cougar Town.”

The 70-year-old discussed people’s reactions to him, that silly musical of four decades ago and why fans are obsessed with his underwear.

Question: What is the first thing fans say to you when they meet you?

Answer: The say “a******!” And I go, “I’m happy to hear that.”

I made an early career of being your [jerk]. It’s part of my life. When I do these autograph shows it’s usually themed. I sit with former cast members and meet fans. Usually it’s for “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. If I do a sci-Fi convention it’s about the movie “Megaforce.” You ever hear of that movie?

Q: Sadly, no.

A: It was a cheesy ‘80s movie where I played a guy named Ace Hunter. Became sort of a cult classic. 

Whatever venue I’m in, I try to tailor what I bring to sign for whoever is going to show up.

Q: What is the strangest thing you have ever been asked to sign?

A: Underwear. Dirty men’s underwear. You know, because Brad in “Rocky Horror” spends a good part of the film in his underwear.

I did sign them, and it gave me the idea to buy a bunch of pairs of underwear, and I now sign and sell them at these autograph shows.

I have a pile of them for sale. But mine is clean.

Q: Are they worth more if they are dirty?

A: I couldn’t do that.

Q: Of all the acting gigs you’ve done, what are your favorite roles?

A: Well Brad from “Rocky Horror” certainly. That and George Washington, a 12-hour miniseries for CBS. I was the original lead in “Grease” on Broadway. I was the first Danny Zucco for a couple years. That was a great part. I really enjoyed my time on “Spin City” with Mike [Michael J. Fox] where I played the mayor. That was always fun.

Q: Which of those characters was most like you?

A: There is a piece of me in all of them. I played a part on “Cougar Town,” this real [jerk]. I did a couple of episodes for them. The guy is just a jerk. That is a part of me. I love playing narcissistic jerks, because they can be very funny if they are just totally oblivious to what is decent and right in the world. That lack of knowledge is freeing. Those are the kind of parts I like.

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