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Ok, what’s the word … “Tantrum?” Or words, “spoiled brat?” Or phrase, “Wealthy man who is used to getting his way all the time, no matter what it is, who it hurts or if he is right or wrong?”

There are so many choices to describe what Donald Trump is doing to show how miffed he is that a beautiful, brilliant, animated woman, is going to be asking those big bad tough questions. Ok we can agree that the question slash statement that Megyn Kelly asked slash made about Trump being anti-women was a little over the top, and frankly, he gave a great answer … but Donald let it go.

If you are going to be intimidated by an anchor woman, who doesn’t have a standing army or weapons of mass destruction, doesn’t behead innocent people, doesn’t have nuclear weapons or deadly viruses that could be released on the world then that begs an obvious question.

It is so obvious, I won’t even ask it. Take in minute. Think about it. Seriously?? You are really going to boycott a debate because this harmless woman, who is just doing her job, does not say and do exactly what you think she should and how? Seriously?? And that is what you call leadership? No, it is a spoiled brat, throwing a temper tantrum because he is so used to getting what he wants when he wants it no matter who is hurt.

And guess who you are hurting? You are hurting all those people who have been defending your butt for months, arguing with loved ones, justifying support for a man who has never held office and who makes the word hubris blush.

I am shaking my head at this very misguided decision and see the crumbling of a giant that was standing as the hope of millions of people who were thrilled that a champion rose up to challenge status quo, the establishment and politics as usual.

And that sound you are hearing, accompanied by the chorus of “I told you so” echoing through the halls of political discussion are the cheers and gleeful responses by everyone opposing you either on the stage or off. You have basically designed a unique weapon, found one bullet that is the perfect caliber and put it in the chamber and fired it directly into the heart of your campaign.

You have proven your detractors right on so many levels. They are raking in the bets that you would self-destruct. They are obnoxious in their glee as they dance around the Trump supporters with chants of “nanny nanny noo noo,” and your competitors are already elbowing each other for that coveted podium they have had their eyes on for months.

One good thing has occurred though. You have made it a lot easier for the 30 percent of undecided voters in Iowa to decide who they won’t support in the primary.

Now, a word to all my conservative friends who have condemned me for the articles I have written in support of you and your candidacy … I told you I would be fair and balanced. I am just the messenger. I write what I see and if I see someone accomplishing the impossible, rallying a disenchanted base to their side, defeating the establishment choices without spending a dime, I write it and state the obvious. When I see that same champion, crumble in a heap of ego pebbles I am compelled to write and encourage that person to put on their big boy pants, get a pair and do what it is you claim needs to be done.

If you don’t, then leave the stage and let a real leader step in who can take the mean, tough questioning by that frightening Megyn Kelly.

By the way … just a note … didn’t you think it was odd that Roger Ailes would pre-empt shows like Greta’s to give you an entire, uninterrupted viewing of your town hall speeches or press conferences?

He gambled that if people saw you rambling on and on without any clear understanding of issues or anything beyond bragging about how wonderful you are, that the voters would see it, reject you and you would fall in the polls.

Since that didn’t work, he figured out that your hot button is Ms. Kelly so he put her on the panel, calculated your response then issued a press release that mocked your decision not to play. If you are such a smart, brilliant businessman and negotiator, you should have seen this coming and seen it had nothing to do with how great they thought you were, but how frightening they thought a Trump presidency would be.

Listen, we already have a spoiled brat, self-absorbed narcissist sitting in the White House who fancies himself as emperor. He is irritated that two other branches could actually suggest that “the paper” tells him he can’t do something that is illegal. Your supporters give you the benefit of the doubt because of your business acumen and success in all things free market. But they are not dumb, and they will not sacrifice the dignity of the office for a strong economy … they see where that got us.

So please prove me wrong, that you are not a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum and that you do have a streak of humility that you have been masking with a bravado that is a wonderful reflection of the American experience. But that only works if it is coupled with common sense, wisdom, integrity and humility.

Nina May is the Founder and Chairman of the Renaissance Women, an educational nonprofit foundation with international and production training programs and opportunities for internships on media projects.

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