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Taya Kyle, the widow of slain Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, told President Obama Thursday night that his executive actions on gun control will not make Americans safer.

Mrs. Kyle was the first audience member to be given the microphone at Mr. Obama’s live CNN town hall on gun violence in America and immediately questioned Mr. Obama’s efforts to curb gun ownership in America, saying his proposals “won’t stop … horrific things from happening.”

“We want to think we can make a law and people will follow it. By the very nature of their crime, they are not following it. We have to recognize we cannot outlaw murder because the people who are murdering are breaking the law but the also do not have the moral code we do,” Mrs. Kyle said.

She argued that the administration should instead focus on giving Americans hope that they are safe and that they can choose to protect themselves.

“We’re at an all-time low for murder rate, but I think that most of us in this country feel like it could happen at any moment,” she said. “It’s not necessarily that I think someone’s going to come take my gun from me, but I want the hope, the hope that I have the right to protect myself.”

She asked why the administration does not “celebrate that we’re good people, and 99.9 percent of us are never going to kill anyone?”

Mrs. Kyle pointed out that while violent crime is at an all-time low, gun ownership in the country is at an all-time high, although she said she did not believe the two were necessarily correlated.

“You talk about the (National Rifle Association) and how after a mass shooting that gun sales go up. I would argue that it’s not necessarily that I think someone is going to take my gun from me, it’s that I have the hope, the hope that I can protect myself … that I have the freedom to carry whatever weapon I think I need,” she said.

Mrs. Kyle is no stranger to gun violence. Her husband, Chris Kyle, who served four tours in Iraq and is credited with the most sniper kills in U.S. history, was shot and killed by a mentally ill U.S. Marine Corps veteran at a shooting range in Texas.

Mr. Obama told Mrs. Kyle that he did not believe his executive order — which will include requiring additional background checks for firearms sold through the Internet and at gun shows and will require all weapons sellers to be licensed — was going to end violent crime.

But he challenged that the reason for the decline in murder rates was higher gun ownership saying, “If you look at where are the areas with the highest gun ownership, those are the places in some cases where the crime rate hasn’t dropped down that much.”

Mrs. Kyle also published a pro-gun right op-ed on CNN before the town hall meeting on Thursday.

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