- The Washington Times - Thursday, July 21, 2016

CLEVELAND — Eric Trump said Thursday that Sen. Ted Cruz’s speech on Wednesday at the Republican National Convention was “classless” and that the Quicken Loans Arena was “literally shaking” with boos from the crowd.

“I thought it was classless, to tell you the truth. I thought it was a little bit classless,” Eric Trump said on “CBS This Morning.” “If you’re going to go to a convention, you either go to support, or you just don’t go at all. It’s politician 101, right?”

Eric Trump spoke after Mr. Cruz, who got booed when he declined to endorse Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. In his own speech, Eric Trump lauded his father, who he called his “hero” and his “best friend.”

“Remember, he signed a pledge at the beginning of this process,” he said. “When he didn’t do the right thing, people went crazy.”

“I was actually in the green room right behind the stage. I was about to go out and give my speech. This room — I’ve never seen boos like that. I’ve never heard boos like that,” Eric Trump said. “The house, this whole auditorium, was literally shaking with boos.”

“I mean, how do you get booed out of your own convention — by your own party, by your own delegation? It was unbelievable. So I think the people in this arena spoke for themselves,” he said.



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