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Radio host Rush Limbaugh made a plea to his listeners on Wednesday to have them grab nearby Millennials so he could give them the “real” story on Bill and Hillary Clinton before asking: “Why would he ever cheat on such a wonderful woman?”

The former president gave what Mr. Limbaugh called a “superb” performance at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia Tuesday night. The conservative commentator said that while many young people on social media “are not buying” the political pitch, many of the 24.3 million Americans who watched the event are unfamiliar with his past.

“Bill Clinton is the guy that said, ‘The era of Big Government is over.’ Whether or not he meant it or not, he said it. Any number of other things: The crime bill, a hundred thousand new cops. He did everything in opposition to Black Lives Matter and the things that animate the existence of the Democrat Party today,” Mr. Limbaugh said.

“And that brings me to another question: Why would he ever cheat on such a wonderful woman?  In fact, how could such a wonderful woman — a perfect 10, she was made out to be — how could that woman actually be the most cheated-on woman in America? Which she is. Aside from that, why would he ever put at risk such a beautiful, wonderful, unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of a relationship like that?”

Mr. Limbaugh’s “most cheated-on woman” remark was in reference to women like Gennifer Flowers, who claimed to be Mr. Clinton’s mistress for over a decade; Paula Jones, who settled a sexual harassment case against the former president in 1998; and former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, whose affair with the president prompted an impeachment by the U.S. House of Representatives in 1999. Mr. Clinton was acquitted by the Senate.

“This woman has been in public, has been a nationally known figure for over 30 years. Why does anybody have to tell us who she is? Why does she need to be ‘humanized,’” the radio host continued. “I mean, you talk about demeaning. They even allowed the media to express that one of the objectives last night was to humanize Hillary. Why? Well, because apparently it’s necessary.”

Mr. Clinton’s speech, which ran for nearly 40 minutes inside the Wells Fargo Center, accused Republicans of creating a “cartoon” version of his wife for public consumption.

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“Well, if you win elections, on the theory the government is always bad and will mess up a two-car parade — a real change-maker represents a real threat. So your only option is to create a cartoon. A cartoon alternative. Then run against the cartoon,” the former president said. “Cartoons are two-dimensional. They’re easy to absorb. Life in the world is complicated and real change is hard. And a lot of people even think it is boring. Good for you, because earlier today you nominated the real one. …”

“Hillary will make us stronger together. You know it because she spent a lifetime doing it. I hope you will do it. I hope you will elect her. Those of us who have more yesterdays than tomorrows tend to care more about our children and grandchildren. The reason you should elect her is that in the greatest country on Earth, we have always been about tomorrow. Your children and grandchildren will bless you forever if you do. God bless you. Thank you,” Mr. Clinton concluded.

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