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PHILADELPHIA | Love will neither defeat the Islamic State and terrorism nor create sustainable economic growth, but at the fantasy world that was the Democratic National Convention, the party’s leaders and star-studded lineup sidestepped the issues that poll after poll show are giving everyday Americans fitful nights.

From Hollywood celebrities, comedians and Grammy award-winning artists to the Obamas, the party’s royal family, the speakers attempted to paint an image of rainbows and butterflies.

Sen. Cory A. Booker, New Jersey Democrat, said in his speech, “Love recognizes that we need each other,” and former President Bill Clinton shared his awkward love story on the national stage.

But the Democrats brushed off and missed the underlying anger of voters disgusted by a rigged and dysfunctional political system and the real anxiety that many Americans, especially blue-collar workers, have experienced under Mr. Obama — the anxiety and anger that ignited the anti-establishment revolution of Bernard Sanders and the Donald Trump movement

In contrast, during the Republican National Convention, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump honed in on the message of safety in our communities and national security, including the importance of securing our borders.

National security and the economy remain the top issues in the minds of American voters, who have witnessed communities crushed by businesses leaving towns and job losses that have driven 14 million from the workforce. Terrorist attacks are becoming the norm at home, in Europe and across the globe.

Yet Democrats simply criticized Mr. Trump’s message, calling it pessimistic and fearful, ignoring the drumbeat of bad news that is often overwhelmed by the next spate of bad news. They skipped the topic of terrorism despite the brutal beheading of a beloved priest in France this week, opting to focus on Mrs. Clinton’s new brand of being “compassionate” and a “changemaker” in hopes that the American voter can find a way to trust her.

Even more surprising were the radical messages on cultural issues spewed from the podium and cheered around the arena.

Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, proudly spoke about her abortion. The crowd loudly applauded and shared her enthusiasm in promoting this extreme culture of death. The pro-abortion speeches did not end there. Cecil Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, sat in the Clinton box, and she received a prominent speaking slot where she continued to aggressively promote pro-abortion policies that are opposed by the majority of Americans.

The Democrats also promoted illegal immigration.

Earlier in the week, a child whose parents are illegal immigrants took to the stage and spoke about the fear of her parents being deported. For years Mrs. Clinton was opposed to illegal immigration or even granting licenses to illegals. Now she’s joined the leftward sprint of the party that openly promotes ignoring the rule of law for the sake of pandering to the Latino community.

And then there was Bernie.

Mr. Sanders abandoned his movement in support of Mrs. Clinton, seeking only to push the party further to the left with calls for universal health care, free public college and a promise that Mrs. Clinton would champion a democratic socialist agenda — the one that translates into more social programs, more federal spending and a bigger, more centralized and intrusive government.

Many of Bernie’s supporters aren’t buying it. They refused to take off their Bernie T-shirts or give up their buttons, especially after the WikiLeaks’ revelations that show the DNC secretly aided Mrs. Clinton and attacked Mr. Sanders. As Mr. Sanders’ had suggested, the system was rigged all along.

Even though Bernie supporters did sit-ins and walked out of the convention floor in protest, the Democrats pretended as if the party was one big, happy family.

The Democrats are hoping that they can reintroduce Mrs. Clinton as a trustworthy caretaker of American values. Good luck!

As my husband and I prepared to return to D.C., we received an alert our train was canceled due to a bomb threat at Union Station. At that moment, I felt scared and just wanted to get home to be with our children.

Every day there are signs that another major terrorist attack is coming to the United States, and Mr. Trump seems to be the only candidate not living in a fantasy.

Mercedes Schlapp is a Fox News contributor, co-founder of Cove Strategies and former White House director of specialty media under President George W. Bush.

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