- The Washington Times - Thursday, July 7, 2016

The animal-rights lobby People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals announced Wednesday their awardees for Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities of 2016. 

Liam Hemsworth of “The Hunger Games” movie franchise and singer/songwriter Jhené Aiko were the male and female awardees, respectively.

“[T]here are no negatives to eating like this. I feel nothing but positive, mentally and physically. I love it. I feel like it also has a kind of a domino effect on the rest of my life,” Mr. Hemsworth told Men’s Fitness in a 2015 interview about his vegan diet.

For her part, “Hunger Games” co-star Jennifer Lawrence is an avowed omnivore. 

“I could never live on a ‘diet.’ [Personal trainer] Dalton [Wong] taught me how to eat, move and live a delicious but healthy life,” Ms. Lawrence told People magazine in March. “We remain good friends; when I’m in London I love to train in his gym, then afterwards we go out for burgers and fries with his family. It’s all about balance.”

Likewise, Liam’s older brother Chris — who plays Thor in the “Avengers” movie franchise — is a devoted carnivore who found red meat central to bulking up for his part as the Norse god of thunder.

“People see Chris and they think he was on steroids, but he didn’t touch a single substance,” personal trainer Duffy Gaver told Muscle and Fitness magazine. “It was just red meat, heavy weights and some protein powder. He crushed every single workout. He simply decided to look like Thor.”




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