- The Washington Times - Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Rumors began spreading this week that Britain’s Prince Harry is planning to enroll at Yale University’s prestigious law school, but in an open letter published Tuesday, British journalist Piers Morgan urged the young royal not to attend the school, citing a culture of political correctness run amok on campus.

“There was a time when I would have urged you to do this; a bygone, glorious time when Ivy League university campus life was actually fun,” Mr. Morgan wrote in the letter, published by the Daily Mail.

“A time in which young adult men and women came together in academic, sporting and social harmony. They worked hard, played hard, drank too much, had wild sex (a lot) and even took the occasional substance that wouldn’t pass a tennis dope test,” Mr. Morgan continued, joking that President Bill Clinton even studied at Yale, “even if he didn’t inhale.”

But those days are long gone, Mr. Morgan lamented. He warned the prince that he would not far well among Yale’s current population of easily offended social justice warriors.

“[Y]ou are a young, single man who quite reasonably enjoys the company of ladies and the odd night of partying,” Mr. Morgan wrote. “And that’s a dangerous thing to be in an American university where the atmosphere is now so fraught and tense with political correctness that even contemplating doing anything remotely resembling ‘fun’ is an instant, shaming, life-ruinous thought process.”

He cited an example of a Yale student and basketball player who was expelled from the school for an alleged sexual assault on a female student.

Jack Montague, 22, is now suing the university, arguing that he and the young woman in the case had a consensual sexual relationship a year before she complained to school officials.

To date, there’s been no report to police, no police investigation of the alleged assault, no criminal charge and no conviction.

“Yet Montague is now stained forever as a rapist,” Mr. Morgan wrote. “Convicted at the court of politically correct insanity currently sweeping American campuses.”

Mr. Morgan went through a laundry list of other examples of students and teachers who have been demonized, expelled or fired for actions that other deemed offensive.

“So, Prince Harry, think very carefully before accepting any place at Yale, and then reject any temptation to do so,” Mr. Morgan warned. “Because, and I say this with great respect Your Royal Highness,with American girls likely hurling themselves from tall buildings for face-time with a real-life Prince Charming, you would last about as long as it took you to host your favourite Vegas game of naked billiards before someone somewhere decided you were so offensive your life must be destroyed.”



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