- The Washington Times - Saturday, May 21, 2016

Alan Young, star of the TV sitcom “Mister Ed,” died Thursday of natural causes at the Motion Picture & Television Home in Woodland Hills at the age of 96, The Hollywood Reporter magazine reported on Friday afternoon.

His may not be a household name, but you’ve probably heard if not seen Mr. Young’s work before. A talented voice-over artist, he played the role of miserly Scotsman Scrooge McDuck in the 1980s cartoon series “Duck Tales” and voiced the role of Farmer Smurf in the ‘80s Saturday morning staple “The Smurfs.”

But perhaps he’s best known, to older generations of Americans at least, for playing Wilbur Post, the owner of the title character in the sitcom “Mister Ed,” about a talking horse.

“In a 1990 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Young said Wilbur was ‘naive and bumbling,’ while ‘Ed was a wily one. I think it’s the same chemistry that made Laurel and Hardy and Jackie Gleason and Art Carney: It’s the one guy making a fool of the other guy.’ “



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