- The Washington Times - Monday, May 23, 2016

A bald eagle will likely deliver a beer to the winner of a contest held by a Canadian brewing company next month after government officials initially objected to the stunt.

The general manager of the Raptors Centre wildlife sanctuary in Duncan, British Columbia, told CBC Radio Thursday that an agreement appears to have been reached between Canada’s Ministry of Forests and the organizers of a “beer from a bird” contest being held by Phillips Brewery.

The winner of the peculiar promotional stunt will be flown to downtown Vancouver to be personally delivered a can of the company’s newest pilsner by a 4-year-old bald eagle named Hercules.

“It’s kind of a response to Amazon coming up with their drone delivery,” company founder Matt Phillips said of the stunt. “When we were coming up with this new beer and it was kind of a throwback, a traditionally really well-aged beer, we thought what better than going to an analog method. We couldn’t think of anything more screwed-up than doing an eagle drop.”

The promo predictably ruffled the feathers of federal officials, and the Ministry of Forests initially refused to give organizers the go-ahead.

But Robyn Radcliffe of the Raptors Centre said the contest is once again back on and slated for June 5.

“From their perspective, they’re just trying to make sure we’re adhering to our permit conditions and making sure we’re doing our job to make sure the public and the birds are safe, which is fine,” Ms. Radcliffe said during an interview on CBC’s “All Points West” show.

“It looks like we’ve come up with some solutions, we just need to finalize discussions to make sure it works from their point of view,” she said.

But Ms. Radcliffe said Hercules may no longer make the drop-off in busy downtown Vancouver.

“It has to be a pretty controlled situation to make sure everyone is comfortable,” she said. “[Hercules] is flying free, so he’s doing these things if he chooses to, and if he does not, he can go and fly off into a tree or fly away.”



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