- The Washington Times - Friday, May 27, 2016

Sen. Bernard Sanders says he hopes the potential debate between him and presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump will be in a “big stadium” in California, and that he’s disappointed Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has opted not to debate him in the state before the June 7 primary.

“You made it possible for us to have a very interesting debate,” Mr. Sanders said during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that aired Thursday. “Two guys who look at the world very, very differently.”

On Mr. Sanders‘ behalf, Mr. Kimmel had questioned Mr. Trump earlier in the week on the show about debating the Vermont senator.

“The goal would be to have it in some big stadium here in California,” Mr. Sanders said.

“I think it’s kind of insulting to the people of the largest state in the United States of America not to come forward and talk about the issues, serious issues that impact [this] state and impact the country,” Mr. Sanders said of Mrs. Clinton’s decision not to debate.

Mr. Trump said on Thursday he’d be open to debating Mr. Sanders if the event raises $10 million or $15 million for charity, possibly for women’s health issues.

Asked Thursday if she would be open to joining them in that debate, Mrs. Clinton said it doesn’t sound like a serious discussion and that she looks forward to debating Mr. Trump in the general election.

“I don’t think it’s serious,” she said on CNN. “I think that … it’s not going to happen.”



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