- The Washington Times - Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The two presidential contenders suffer through low approval ratings not only from Americans but also from jihadis.

Radical Islam’s supporters are burning up social media commenting on Republican Donald Trump versus Democrat Hillary Clinton. Although jihadis dismiss democracy as a Western defect, they like to exercise free speech about America’s every-four-year ritual.

Not surprisingly, jihadis do not like either candidate — not Mr. Trump, who vowed to ban Muslim immigrants as an anti-terror move, nor Mrs. Clinton who advocated the Libya invasion and increased military involvement in Syria.

A report on jihadi election chatter was compiled this week by the Middle East Media Research Institute under the headline, “Jihadis Actively Monitor, Discuss U.S. Presidential Election Despite Shunning Participation in Democratic Process.”

On Oct. 10, pro-Islamic State Twitter user Abu Bakr al-Ansari posted: “The deterioration in the American empire is there for all to see as their choice for president is either a lunatic pervert or a woman.”

Other jihadis warned of a Trump presidency. “Wow, if Trump wins the elections I herd he’s going to try to send all the Muslims in American to Cuba. … hmm, let’s see how this is going to end! It isn’t going to end pretty cause it will be a war in America!” Khadijah Amatullah said on Facebook.

In August, an Islamic State follower identified as American Sam Alexander posted a cartoon of a Muslim man and a woman being bombed by U.S. aircraft. Soon the bombs “will be sent by a woman!” the man says. The woman replies, “Really makes you feel like you’re part of history.”

Alexander commented, “eeeeediot coconuts in the US are excited about supporting Hillary against Trump in addition to her being potentially the 1st female president of ‘Murica. … Here’s how these retards things.”

A pro-Islamic State preacher in Great Britain, Abu Haleema, posted a video in which he said, “I’d rather have Trump who tells us he hates us, than a snake like Obama.”

Umm YaqTau’ah, a New York City Islamic State supporter, wrote on Facebook that Muslims who live by Shariah (Islamic) law should get ready to leave America no matter who wins.

“Why, because next week we will have a new president of USA and we will be more doomed!! May Allah guide the coconuts,” she posted.

An Islamic State fighter, Abu Malik al-Qatari, tweeted, “What’s clear is Trump wants to ditch a lot of NATO members simply coz they not opening up their pocket and spending enough. I am just waiting for civil wars to start and Europe freezes like ‘erm who’s gonna save us from the Islamists’ awkward moments are due. The US election has just become a ‘big brother’ competition of exposure and celebrity paparazzi stuff. Destruction from within is due.”

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the Yemen branch which is dedicated to attacking the U.S. homeland, puts out a weekly newspaper called Al-Masra.

It concluded last week that both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump are “full of flaws.”

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